Anti Aging Skin Cream

What will they think of next!

I just read an article by Elena Lopez published in MSTARS News about a $1000 facial cream that claims to have ingredients from outer space. You can “Read All About It” here.

Some claim to fame that is! Turns out the “outer space” stuff is said to from carbonado which is also known as black diamonds. It’s very rare and is thought to be derived from meteorites crashing into the earth billions of years ago.

So much for the outer space angle but it certainly makes for a catchy come on don’t you think?
Anti-aging Ingredients in This Skin Cream?

As for active anti-aging ingredients, the article talks little about those except to say that the cream replenishes collagen, Glutathione and Hyaluronic acid in the skin and is thus said to banish the signs of aging skin. Read the post to get the whole story.

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Free Radicals And Antioxidants

Free Radicals are reactive molecules that can damage cells and cause disease. Antioxidants in foods and supplements can prevent damage. This article discusses these issues and the manner in which antioxidants work to combat damages to cells and tissues from free radicals. Natural protection is produced within your body and can also be provided in a proper diet. However, in this day and age supplements are usually needed. < ahref"">Read the full post for more information.

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Age With Grace And Build A Business With Jeunesse Global

Jeunesse Global Business PresentationEach week Jeunesse Global leaders get online and do an in-depth presentation describing exactly what Jeunesse is all about. In this presentation which I’ve included below you’ll learn about the effects of the Jeunesse Global product line as attested to by real people… people who use the products and have had amazing […]

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